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According to The State of Online Video 2018 in 2018, 6.25 hours of video were consume in the world per week per person, one hour more on average than the previous year. The data speaks for itself and indicates that in a single year, an average of one hour of content is increase by people on social networks. Other video marketing trends in the world: 53% of people want to know more or receive more videos from the people or brands they follow on social networks. 88% of people who use the internet in the Unite States.


Hundres of millions of people, have watche video content on the networks on their mobile devices. 87% of people who are part of company marketing teams use this tool in their strategies. 80% of people are happy with the results obtaind with their videos in terms of ROI on social networks. Users spend more time on web cell phone database pages that have video content than on websites that do not. . 95% of people are more receptive to using a call to action when watching a video than using a still image. Video marketing platforms to consider Within the live video marketing sector there are some platforms.

That are very well positiond with respect to the rest and the competition. The truth is that Twitch, Instagram and Tik Tok are the ones that take the lead among the most usd today. 1.- Twitch This social network is mainly basd on video games and is the one that has been in the trends for the whole last year. Although it mostly deals with issues relatd to the gamer, it has also servd for other topics such as fashion, sports or music. In real numbers, the Twitch platform took 66% of the total streaming industry market in 2020. A compelling reason.

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Nice stats. Keep the research on. 


Can you update and research current market trends and values?