How To Use An Abacus In 2022

How to use an Abacus: Abacus is the ancestor or father of modern-day computers, but almost every modern computer user has no clue how these historical tools were used to help humanity to reach this technological revolution.

In this article we will learn about Abacus, What is an Abacus? How to use an Abacus, and a little bit of history about this historical tool.

What Is An Abacus?

Abacus is the mathematical tool mostly known as the first computer. With the help of an Abacus, we can solve addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, and even extract square roots and cubic roots.

Quick History of Abacus

Abacus is believed to be the first counting machine humans ever use. Around 2,400 B.C the Babylonians started using this tool, then the use of it spread from China, Japan, Russia, and overall Europe. When Hindu and Arabic numbers have introduced the use of the Abacus was slowly demolished.

how to use an Abacus in 2022

How To Use An Abacus?

Using the Abacus is not rocket science, but it is a bit difficult to do some simple math calculations using it. Because we have invented fast calculators that solve difficult equations in seconds, using an Abacus for the same purpose can take a bit longer. It is not an ideal tool for us but thousands of years ago, it was the ultimate and accurate time saver for humans.

We have demonstrated how to use the Abacus in 2022 in this video:

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